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One Step at a Time

At AGESS Inc., we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing environmental, residential and industrial projects but also Infrastructure. Transit and connectivity with a multimodal network is by no means an easy feat, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support. Here is an example of a train transit network along an existing freeway corridor.



Hyperloop or Traditional Train Adaptable

Our innovative problem solving and systems based approach can allow us to fabrication and install our bridge system faster than any current technology and be more secure with a three part reinforcement package to allow for even the most severe seismic event to not effect our reliability and structural stability. The design approach of premanufacture blocks will also allow for record setting installation while opening portions of the system before its entire network is completed. We envision a system that can span along the I-5 freeway connecting Mexico, California, Organ, Washington and Canada.

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6a - I-5 bus network - park blvd.jpg


Freeway Connectivity to Existing Network

We are in the process of developing new hubs that can service as a concept of a freeway bus network connected to existing bus routes in the urban context. The hubs will service fully electric bus for both private developers and municipalities for faster and more direct service connectivity. With these stations connected to primary freeway infrastructure transfer times will be reduced and more direct routes become available. This is currently in schematic design and design development stages.



Community Scale Intervention

The most common item in the city street which is often blighted and underutilized is the bus stop. These areas are accumulators of trash, blight and neglect. We are envisioning a low cost plugin improvement that could generate energy as a plugin to future electrified bus fleet but also as education hubs for their communities as a placemaking effort. Each location will have a smart hub with real time data available on schedules.



Emergency Charging Hubs and Restops

California Accessible Roadside Network of Electrified Transit (CAR NET) - Demonstration Project allows for the future of Vehicles to quickly pull off of the freeway and charge their EV Vehicles can be quickly deployed along California's Highways with modular construction techniques and on site energy generation, storage and distribution. These units can also serve a critical need to assist Fire Fighters with early detection monitoring, water hookups, water tank storage and other critical function such as emergency vehicular refuge by providing fire sprinkler systems in the event vehicles become engulfed by wild fires. This program is currently being developed to construct the first demonstration unit between San Diego and Imperial County.