Alternative Generating Energy & Sustainable Solutions

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“Rebuilding the natural environment, through innovative thinking and creative technologies.”

AGESS believes in making a global difference by taking actions at the Salton Sea. No matter how big or small the project is, our main goal is to manage and create innovative projects that will better the environment. 

AGESS, Inc. is a visionary project management company that uses cutting edge science to solve some of the most pressing ecological problems of our day. We are currently working to rehabilitate the Salton Sea, Laguna Salada and Pacific Ocean along with other polluted waterways. AGESS uses an “industrial ecology” of innovative technologies through industrial partnerships that not only creates pollution remediation and energy opportunities but also creates good jobs to build local, regional, and global ecological, educational, industrial, food and water processes.



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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With over fifteen years of education and practice Mr. White is an architectural designer, a real estate developer, and a construction adviser as a leader of full turn key development services for projects of all scales in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. As the CEO of AGESS, Inc., Nathan white has been able to gain supports from the Salton Sea Authority, Imperial Irrigation District, Imperial County, California Natural Resources Agency and several other agencies for the Desert Shores Dust Mitigation and Restoration Creation Pilot Project. Currently Tres Lagunas development is bringing binational partners together for a 1 billion dollar project to restore the Colorado River Basin.



President & Co-Founder

Mr. Borja has created construction documents and developments for projects ranging from small home addition to 80,000 square foot hotels, mixed-use developments and Tenant improvements as co-owner of Architects Local, LLC. With a specialized focus on community development, education, investment, and clean-tech sectors, Mr. Borja has played key roles in development, digital learning and networking platforms. Mr. Borja graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona, and a Master of Architecture from Woodbury.

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Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Holding a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and continuing her master’s in architecture. Sovanarry seeks innovative ways to address the broader issues of environmental sustainability and societal needs. She is currently employed at Ferguson Pape Baldwin Architects, interned at SD-City Planning Department, was a research assistant for California Energy Commission and assistant for the fabrication of an External Compound Parabolic System. The skills she has obtained from these diverse branches, will benefit AGESS’ through its operations and management.



Development Controller

Dr. White holds a doctorate in Business & Homeland Security Studies & additional education focusing on Emergency Management, Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Global/Strategic Intelligence, Security & Criminal Justice.  He served a combined 19 years in uniform between the military and law enforcement.  He currently works as a supervisor with the Department of Homeland Security in Project/Emergency Management & is responsible for grant recovery assistance to survivors of disasters.  He is also an Adjunct Professor at American Public/Military University.



Chief Scientific Advisor

Senior Research Associate- Analytical Biochemist / Agronomist. Researching the biochemistry and molecular biology of selenium and sulfur in crop plants for helping to inhibit the formation or growth of human cancers while providing advanced human nutrition. In conjunction with the USDA and private California growers we focus on nutra-ceutical food crop production by plant biotransformation of selenium which creates novel agricultural based crop food products.

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Marketing Consultant

Victoria Serrano is a marketing coordinator and digital designer for Epica International, Inc. an industrial robotics and medical imaging company. She headed their recent rebrand launch in 2019 that, is in the works to unify all five of Epica’s subsidiaries under one cohesive brand image. Victoria's role is geared toward demand generation, social networking, and content creation. She previously served as a marketing representative for the University of California, Irvine, where she also achieved her BA in Art with a minor in Digital Media.

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Construction Project Manager (CPM)

Results oriented, hands on, project manager with experience in all facets of the construction industry. Verifiable track record for the successful completion of multi-million dollar projects through developing strong working relationships with engineers, vendors, crew and clients while cutting costs. Strong working knowledge of permitting requirements, sustainable and eco-friendly construction, OSHA safety regulations, and construction project life cycles. Skilled in extrapolating materials needed for project from blueprints.

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Consulting Engineer

Roger Arnold is a former physicist, aerospace engineer, and systems architect. He has worked at IBM, Boeing Aerospace, AT&T, and a number of electronics companies and startups in San Diego and Silicon Valley. Now retired, he pursues independent research and writing. His writings focus on climate, clean energy, and sustainability. He is especially interested in exploring how technologies interact and create opportunities for synergistic solutions to critical problems.

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Development Project Manager

Michael has a B.S. in Regional Development and Planning from the University of Arizona.  He currently manages a team of development project managers working for City of San Diego Development Services and specializes in discretionary entitlements as well as engineering project management.  Michael lends his skills to assist the team with new project development and management from concept to implementation as AGESS looks to expand its reach into new emerging markets in California.

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Chief Education Director

Joseph Kennedy is an architectural designer, writer, artist and filmmaker who specializes in ecological design and community development. With more than 25-years of teaching sustainable building techniques in Africa, Asia, Europe, United States, and South America, he currently teaches architecture at NewSchool of Architecture & Design. Joe is a co-founder of the organization Builders Without Borders, an international network of ecological builders who advocate the use of local, affordable materials in construction. Widely published in journals, proceedings, and books, he also co-edited The Art of Natural Building.

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Mechanical Engineer

Utaw is a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer and working in the construction industry for the past 15 years. His specializes in energy efficiency and sustainable design with an emphasis on keeping design feasible and resilient. He spent several years designing hydronic systems like solar hot water systems.  He has a well rounded understanding of the construction industry from working in construction management and design.

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Project Manager

Mr. Poirier is a licensed Architect who has over 11 years of working experience with Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC).  Jon specializes in architectural drafting, community planning and project management. Jon currently is living in Italy and working as a Project Manager for NAVFAC in support of large scale military construction projects in the Navy’s European region.  As a native San Diegan, Jon has a personal interest in being part of a positive change within the local community and the greater southern California region.

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Sustainable Tourism & Cultural Outreach Officer

With seventeen years’ experience in international rural development, traditional sustainable agriculture and participatory community development. Colin H. Richard is an educator, storyteller and sustainable designer active in environmental, cultural and tourism issues in Southern California and internationally. A growing writer and photographer, he has found a home among San Diego County's coast, mountains and deserts after growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more at

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Former Chief Technology Director

David Forney has always been fascinated at characterizing and modifying machines to optimally perform with a user and how society interacts with the global ecosystem. The interaction between humans and nature or humans and machines is often poorly understood. On an applied level, human control over both natural and man-made systems is often considered an 'art.' Success in both areas requires the drive to understand how both natural and man-made systems work. With that knowledge we can effective make sustainable products and solutions for the future.

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Chief Biology Officer

Mr. Miesfeld is an accredited Associate Environmental Professional by the NREP and a LEED Green Associate by the USGBC. Mr. Miesfeld has technical experience in report document  drafting and editing, and is a published undergraduate researcher in the field of biochemistry. Mr. Miesfeld graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Technology and Management with a minor in Environmental Toxicology from North Carolina State University.