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Morley Field - Comprehensive Plan

Incremental Implementation Development for this master plan can be at a a small scale and in phases to achieve much larger goals for outdoor recreation enhancements. Morley Field is part of the larger Balboa Park area and the sports complex currently houses tennis courts, mixed baseball and soccer fields, dog park, hiking trails, kick ball, softball, frisbee golf, Balboa Park Golf course, Bud Kerns lap lane pool, archery and off road biking and biking velodrome. Our goal is to start with lighting at fields to first allow for later adult softball and youth groups to extend play with next steps to replace bathrooms. The larger vision is to create dedicated soccer fields then would allow for additional baseball fields while enhance and create more sports facilities throughout. 

Geospatial Mapping 

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We all learn differently and collaborate in many ways. This map is another tool for adding information and showing others which innovations can be done. We can add video links, pictures, videos, maps and trails to improve the site.

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Dedicated Baseball

Maximize Field Use with Additional Facilities

Currently the Fields need to be broken down and setup annually and this creates a lot of work for volunteers but also creates conflicts with other sports such as soccer, kickball and softball. The ability to create additional fields within the same footprint aligns with the original master plan as well make opportunities for tournament events. Shade structures, bathrooms, snack shack and permanent seating in the center of the area would also allow the existing dugouts can be used for kickball and tee ball. The densification of the area would allow more sporting events in more condensed time schedules to increase permitting and city revenue.  

Beach Volley Ball

Existing Restoration Project

Beach Volley Ball has been existing for many years but due to poor maintenance and lack of equipment the space is not utilized. This is a quick and easy activation opportunity and has already begun with the installation of nets at both locations along Joe Schloss Way. We are organizing a public cleanup event to make this space better utilized with a goal of more permanent installation for replaced sand, seating, shade structures and benches. 

temp soccer fields.jpg

Small Flex Fields

Dedicated Field North West of Frisbee Golf

A small public soccer, Lacrosse, or football court will be installed next to the temporary parking area near the frisbee golf and archery range. The smaller field can be used for any visitors without permitting and allow all residents to have access to the facility. This will be adjacent to the restored volley ball court for coupled sports upgrades. Futsal can be played as well as Lacrosse in multiple configurations. 

Soccer Fields Pershing Dr.

Dedicated Field South of Knights Baseball

The ideal solution would be to create a series of soccer fields south of the Knights Baseball Field in coordination with Studio Varone Architecture. This area allows for new site placement without displacing other sports facilities. The region will repurpose old landfill in Florida Canyon. This will allow for year around use along with dedicated baseball fields that will also allow year around use. 

Designs Courtesy of Studio Varone

pershing fields.jpg

Recreation Pershing Dr.

Repurpose the City Site at edge of Golden Hill 

In any event of site activation this area would benefit of reconnecting the existing park facilities at Morley Field, Golden Hill and Balboa Park. This area is currently used for homeless encampment and city equipment but soccer fields or other facilities would bridge the connection of green space to downtown and the communities in South Park, Golden Hill, North Park and Hillcrest. Designs Courtesy of Studio Varone

Aquatic Complex

Expansion of Bud Kerns Pool with Aquatic Complex

The current issues the community faces with Bud Kerns Pool is that it is a historic Building and Pool which limits the extent of its size and use. It currently functions as lap lanes with flex space to the North and South but this restricts family use of the space. Small children are not able to utilize the facility like other state of the art facilities which would focus on varied zones of indoor and outdoor but also kids dedicated areas and adults. The addition of Olympic activities like diving and water polo areas could be a benefit along with slides for active recreation.

aquatic complex.jpg

Archery Range

Upgrade Bathrooms + Storage + Shade

Minor Improvements to the Archery Range for Storage and Bathroom facilities would help our visitors have a safe place in close proximity to the facilities. Shade would be a big benefit as the majority of time is spent at the shooting area. Permanent parking is limited due to sharing with Baseball and Soccer and temporary parking is needed to be more formalized to help meet demand. 

Foot Ball Field

Football Field is an Optional Addition

The ability to add football fields in NorthPark would allow the formation of new youth programs to split the field into multiple configurations and get multiple playing times to diversify the Field of Dreams program to be fully inclusive of all existing programs while allowing for future programs to be developed. The Images shows stadium seating as an variation and future final design intent.

football stadium.jpg
knights fields.jpg

Knights Field Upgrades

City College Knight's Baseball

The City College Knoghts team has a beautiful facility on the south end of the Morley Field Sports Complex and this project can be for better seating and field amenity spaces for players and fans to improve overall usership of the site which would include new lighting, snack shack, raised seating deck, bathrooms and locker rooms.

New Skate Park

Addition of Skate Park Facilities

The addition of several skating areas at the south end of the Archery Range and East of the Knights Baseball field is currently not utilized and would be an ideal location for bicyclist, roller skating and skate boarding activities. Dependent on the design and expanse of layout tournaments could be held here for the sport to flourish for our young athletes.

3 (1)_edited.jpg

Indoor Velodrome Option 

Large Scale Olympic Velodrome Venue 

Currently the Velodrome is a vibrant and well used facility with activities happening daily. The ability to create an indoor velodrome facility would allow for year around use and tournaments to utilize the facility which will increase income to the city. This is an optional add on and would be only pursued if the users find the need to support the endeavor.

Indoor + Outdoor Basketball Court

New Indoor Recreation Facility

Indoor Basketball, Rock-climbing, Racquetball and Youth afterschool and summer programs can be created at Morley Field Sports Complex to encourage new programs being developed

basketball field.jpg
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