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AGESS believes in supporting all innovative ideas that will better the community and environment. With high hopes to change the harsh conditions at the Salton Sea. AGESS is now collaborating with Sovanarry Phy, a Master of Architecture Student, to continue her thesis to save the Salton Sea.

In order to get more individuals working towards solutions, this project explores strategies focused on creating intermediate projects using art and urban acupuncture to attract funding to support environmental protection, economic growth and quality of life. “Art • Cupuncture” is not a strategy planner’s use today, yet a tactic developed by researching several international masterplan guidelines and case studies that use architectural experience as a catalyst. The goal of the project is to develop each city artistically, to act as anchor points and attract tourism around the Salton Sea. Not only will visitor spending be earned, but this will encourage the public to value and support all efforts to save the Salton Sea.



Every location is unique and will not hold the same value of significance compared to others. However, it is important to understand the value of the site through its community, history and indigenous connections

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The objective of a restoration plan should conserve the natural and cultural significance, while minimizing any environmental impact. Restoration projects and technology are great solutions for sustaining the site.


Eco-Tourism allows the city to gain revenue from visitor spending, without impacting the environment severely. The money received from this, will be used to fund for resto- ration projects.

Salt Pathway Final.png
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Architecture acts an embellishment to the site by creating anchor points that attract the general public. Spaces can also be used for busi- nesses to support the economy and community gatherings.


economic development will greatly depend on strong relationships between developers, businesses and the local community. If the community has an understanding of the master plan, they will be more supportive for private projects.

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