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Our team is working on site feasibility, planning, plan preparation, permitting of discretionary permits, permitting of building and grading permits with the potential to provide turn key operation of businesses in the industrial cannabis market. We have entitled the first cannabis cultivation Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in Imperial County with three others in the design and plan preparation for an additional cannabis cultivation CUP, cannabis manufacturing and cannabis retail facilities.

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As a professional project management team we have partnered with Floating Islands West for the funding, maintenance and operation of Leviathan and Bio-Haven Units. These bio-mimicry systems can be populated with phytoremediation plant selections for the extraction of selenium, herbicides, pesticides and full spectrum contaminants present in an oil spill. We collaborate with Intrinsyx Corporation and the PPCU for specific species selections on a per project basis.


The autonomous algae harvesting unit can be used around the world in areas that have been afflicted by nutrient pollution. The collected biomass can be converted into valueable products and sold on the market for organic fertilizers, animal feeds or simply disposed of for carbon sequestration. These units can be used in a collection of multiple units to address a large volume of affected areas. These can also be utilized for Oil spills in conjunction with the Floating Islands West: Leviathan units.

Algae Harvesting Drone.jpg
Design & Installation of PBR.jpg


We can design and construct high quality and efficient photo-bioractors for your own personal use, your business or organization. If you have an idea but can't translate it to a physical model, send it to us and our staff of drafters and model builders can give you a digital realization of the PBR that fits your needs. We also offer turn key solutions to design, construct, operate and manage a development that meets your needs on your behalf as a development partner.


By extending the surface areas of the effective culture volume, an AP enhances the pho-tosynthesis to deliver high growth rates of algae. A 5 meter (16.4 feet or 5.4 yards) by 5 meter square AP can be directly installed in a lake. In the best case scenario, it produces 2.26 kilograms of algal biomass per day, which contains 1.95 kilograms of carbon or 7.15 kilograms of carbon dioxide, 294 grams of nitrogen or an equivalence of 1.68 kilograms of ammonia nitrate, and 18.4 grams of phosphorus or an equivalence of 0.11 kilograms of potassium phosphate.

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A Cure for the Salton Sea: A rendition of Photo Bio-Reactors (PBRs) installed by Mind Step Energy, Inc. (MSE) in partnership with The Torrez-Martinez Tribe at the Salton Sea, in Southern California.

MSE has employed an under-utilized, sustainable, low-cost and profitable method to help with the Salton Sea's woes. The technology initially developed by NASA, to create a self-sustaining method of living in space has ended funding for the program. On the bright side, the system has been published so that it could be implemented by the public. Its natural process will now help mitigate the dangers lying beneath the drying Salton Sea. Biomass or fresh water algae will be generated at the Sea in the PBRs which act as a, 'floating green-houses' as portrayed in the animation above. Waste water effluent is concentrated utilizing forward osmosis technology, after, the water flows into the clear plastic tubing's (the PBRs), they'll then grow the algae and harvest it at an average of once a week.

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