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Our business plan is to assist with the framework and the feasibility platform of Seawater Import. We do not seek reimbursement, rather look to benefit from a schematic design and master planning of Laguna Salada and Salton Sea Restoration project. We hope to initiate a collaborative partnership with industrial suppliers, local municipal agencies, the Unites States of America and Mexico. Revenue will be generated by hydro power, solar power, wind power, recreation, carbon capture / storage, seawater farming of food and biofuel.

The process of flooding Laguna Salada is to create a stronger and longer North American Monsoon season. The circulation system needed to create a living sea will also create the most efficient desalination system ever conceived of by mankind. Sea levels in The Salton Sea will be conserved and mitigate wind borne dust, reducing exposure of local residents to emissive toxic dust, restoring ecology and creating new habitat more easily with the surplus of ocean water.

The true opportunity of this proposal and others is to not only solve the Salton Sea’s ailments but look at water in a whole new light.

Tres Mares

Tres Mares

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Extending and deepening the existing Coyote Canal. This process should provide sufficient flows through the Coyote Canal to flood Laguna Salada to a large enough extent to commence Phase 2 dredging operations inLaguna Salada.


Dredge a series of connecting canals that will allow more tidal waters and energy to penetrate farther into the Delta in a Northwesterly direction. New channels to the western shore will allow water to flow back south and blend with water discharge to the Sea of Cortez and balance salinity in Laguna Salada



Phase 3 contains the largest amount of dredging in the project. In this phase, we will dredge sufficient material in Laguna Salada to create a third “in sea berm”, build a pump station and pipeline to get us through the pass, dredge a canal from the end of pipeline to above the Salton Sea, build a generation station to create power as we release water into the Salton Sea and build a number of Salt Sinks within the Salton Sea that will efficiently sequester salt from the main body of the Sea to smaller Salt sinks.


Three Seas Restoration Summary

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